Yusuf Mukhtar

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Co-Founder, Arabic for Spanish Speakers


+973 66738741

Yusuf Mukhtar is a mechanical engineer and a language teacher. Yusuf is a polyglot fluent in five languages: Arabic, Spanish, German, English and Persian. He has been teaching languages for two years to people from various backgrounds.

Along with his colleague Murtadha, they developed the Hablo language exchange program which is a the first of its kind in the Kingdom of Bahrain. They expanded this program into other countries such as Spain and Saudi Arabia. Yusuf founded the group “Der Bahrain-Deutsche Klub” with Kai Miethig.

Furthermore, he teaches Arabic to Spanish Speakers and Spanish for Beginners to new students. Due to his multilingual abilities, Yusuf has an ability to connect to a multitude of cultures and provide highly engaging classes.